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Pathways to Leadership

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Pathways to Leadership

Pathways to Leadership is an interactive coaches workshop aimed at building a better relationship between coaches and their athletes.

During the past 20 years of leadership training, over 3,000 exceptional student athletes throughout the U.S. have discussed at great length, their coaches and what they believe can be done to improve it.

20 YEARS of in depth discussion and interaction with over 3,000 of the top student high school athletes in the country...

Bullying and Hazing Seminar

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Last week, the Kyle Braid Foundation put on a "Bullying and Hazing" seminar for about 1,000 high school teens in Broward County. While bullying and hazing are alike in that both single out a single individual, bullying is much more prevalent and has the a greater and much more negative impact on such individuals.  The seminar is aimed at helping high schoolers and junior highers recognize and effectively mitigate acts of hazing and bullying and addresses how to create and maintain an atmosphere in the locker room that discourages peer athletes from this behavior. 

BCAA Captain's Summit Recognition

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On Tuesday, September 20th, Ken Braid of the Kyle Braid Leadership Foundation, was recognized for the outstanding work he and the foundation have done for all high schools of Broward county in the area of leadership development by way of the Captain's Summit.  Ken spoke briefly of the tragic loss of his only son as the impetus for devoting his entire life to leadership development, as it relates to today's highschool students and athletes. 

The 2017 Word from Ken

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The Word From Ken

Hi, I'm Ken Braid and perhaps you're visiting my website for the first time today. I'd like to introduce myself by way of this little blog entry, entitled, "The 2017 Word From Ken".

Today, we live in a world of lightning speed communication, break-neck information access, and, in short, a world where anyone can say anything online to anybody and everyone without regard to human decency or moral structures.  So, my "Word for 2017", is "Moral".